The debt ceiling is a sham

While the whole debt ceiling and deficit debate is quite interesting, I am actually more convinced now that the whole game is a sham.

The plan Rand Paul supports, and which actually makes sense to me, is to freeze spending levels at current levels for the next few (6) years, and actually then cut 1% in actual dollars per year. If this plan were to take place, we would have a balanced budget shortly.

The main issue here ultimately is the fact that government spending increases 7-10% each year. And the savings they talk about (2-4 trillion) is simply in slowing the growth of this spending. That is crazy.

The bottom line, in my opinion – like it or not, we must cut absolute levels of spending or our kids are doomed!

The time for games and gimmicks is now long gone.

And yet, this will never happen.

People are too busy watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘Jersey Shore’.

Maybe we no longer deserve our republic…

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