Obama fundraising falters

I was reading the article at the White House Dossier earlier today about Jim Messina’s call for donors to step up and donate to the President’s reelection efforts, and a few thoughts came to mind.

In the article, it is mentioned that an email was sent out by Jim Messina stating in part, that one of the challenges faced in fundraising this cycle was the idea that “other people are going to take care of things and it will be fine.”

I think that statement is a good representation of the current thinking overall in the country – that we, as individuals, do not need to take the initiative in improving our own lives, but that we can rely on government to provide for us.

Following the commentary around the Republican candidates, and the attacks on Mitt Romney for his success, make me feel as if the President has certainly begun to succeed in his attempt at changing our history. For it seems to me that success, especially financial success, is now a dirty word.

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