LA bans ‘offensive’ talk

Will this extend to pop music as well?  Read the article…


Most voters ARE stupid – are YOU?

Or at least dumb, uniformed, or ambivalent. I can’t decide what the appropriate adjective to use actually is.

I write the above not to be throw stones at the mass of people who have no idea what is going on in this election cycle, or what appears to be happening to the national psyche.

I write the above only to point out that our country has changed dramatically in the past few years…

SUCCESS is degraded, and anyone successful is deemed greedy and is someone who does not pay their fair share.  Unless you are a liberal in Hollywood or Warren Buffett.   Do YOU think success is bad?  Or are you simply jealous that other people make more money?  If so, WHY?

FREE STUFF is expected.  Only three years ago, back in 2009, the infamous ‘Obama money’ episode that played out in Detroit was laughed at as simply being the rantings of uninformed voters.  Now, we have educated law school students, at an elite Roman Catholic institution, Georgetown University, testifying in front of Congress that women should receive free birth control.  Anything less than that is an assault on women.  Do YOU want free stuff?  Or is it too much to ask people to work for the things they get in their life?  Why does it seem to be that people who work hard are now villified, while those who live to collect the welfare check are deemed society’s victims?

VALUES are frowned upon.  No longer is there the concept of good or bad.  I would not even attempt to say good vs. evil.  I remember growing up ascribing to the values ‘just not lest thee be judged’.  But today it seems that if you do not share the liberal point of view, you are judged as some type of -phobic.

As we edge closer to November, it seems that the United States is at a crossroads.  Most voters are not paying attention to the candidates, and will go into the voting booth uninformed about the issues facing our society.  That is a shame.

I always thought we elected representatives to REPRESENT our interests.  Today, it seems that our representatives simply look to amass power and seek to be reelected by promising FREE STUFF.  And we fall for it.

It is time for Americans, who value FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to spread the word about what this election actually represents.

God Bless the USA.


Obama fundraising falters

I was reading the article at the White House Dossier earlier today about Jim Messina’s call for donors to step up and donate to the President’s reelection efforts, and a few thoughts came to mind.

In the article, it is mentioned that an email was sent out by Jim Messina stating in part, that one of the challenges faced in fundraising this cycle was the idea that “other people are going to take care of things and it will be fine.”

I think that statement is a good representation of the current thinking overall in the country – that we, as individuals, do not need to take the initiative in improving our own lives, but that we can rely on government to provide for us.

Following the commentary around the Republican candidates, and the attacks on Mitt Romney for his success, make me feel as if the President has certainly begun to succeed in his attempt at changing our history. For it seems to me that success, especially financial success, is now a dirty word.

Jet setting Bo returns from Hawaii

Interesting article speculating that First Dog Bo was returned from Hawaii for his public appearance!
Funny stuff

Is the media really in the tank for Obama?

As the stock market continues is decline of over 400 points today, with bleak economic information being released across the board, the question in my mind is how the media will spin this.

People are really hurting. Unemployment is high. Wealth (suddenly a dirty word) is being destroyed at all levels.

But I always find it interesting that as things begin to look bleak, the media finds some way to blame anyone other than President Obama and his policies.

The debt ceiling is a sham

While the whole debt ceiling and deficit debate is quite interesting, I am actually more convinced now that the whole game is a sham.

The plan Rand Paul supports, and which actually makes sense to me, is to freeze spending levels at current levels for the next few (6) years, and actually then cut 1% in actual dollars per year. If this plan were to take place, we would have a balanced budget shortly.

The main issue here ultimately is the fact that government spending increases 7-10% each year. And the savings they talk about (2-4 trillion) is simply in slowing the growth of this spending. That is crazy.

The bottom line, in my opinion – like it or not, we must cut absolute levels of spending or our kids are doomed!

The time for games and gimmicks is now long gone.

And yet, this will never happen.

People are too busy watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘Jersey Shore’.

Maybe we no longer deserve our republic…

Nancy Pelosi is right on the debt ceiling crisis (sort of)!

Today, Nancy Pelosi made a speech attacking Republicans, accusing them of looking to destroy government. However, in the video below, Nancy actually makes one statement that is actually spot on.

She states that the Republicans ‘do not like government’. I think she is right – our government is too big, too intrusive, and certainly spends way too much money. This whole debt ceiling crisis should simply come down to this fact – when 50% of our country pays zero in income taxes, and the top 1% pay nearly 50%, where is the shared sacrifice.

I welcome the politician who has the gumption to state the obivous – we are all in this together, everyone should pay at least 5% of their income in the form of taxes. If this were to happen, you can be sure the democrats would be against it, because this 50% are accustomed to getting a free ride, and if they actually had to participate in funding government, we would all find religion in terms of what our government is actually spending money on. And there would be greater scrutiny and involvement of the public.

It is time for all of us to remember that we still, ultimately, control the levels of power in this country through the voting booth. It is time to elect adults in the room, who realize that we cannot put our heads in the sand and ignore that we have a major spending problem.

For all the talk of market bubbles, our government spending might be very close to being exposed as the biggest bubble in history – unsustainable, and in dire need for a recalibration.

Finally, one thing that should be very clear from this whole debate is that, ultimately, the word of the government is fleeting. Sure we will pay our bills (hopefully) but, when you rely on government, are you really in control of your own destiny?

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